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We provide support for sites on CMS WordPress developed by us. And not only by us. And not just on WordPress. And yes, not necessarily with CMS.
Do you have a website and want to change something on it? Fix a bug? Add new functionality? We are at your service.

  • First Year Free Support
    Adaptive Maintenance and Support
  • Easy Integration With Any CMS
    Corrective Maintenance and Support
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Preventive Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance and Support
    Emergency Maintenance and Support
Website Maintenance Pricing
$25 per hour
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Most Popular Site Support Services:

Site Audit, Error Search, QA started at $25
Adding New Sections/Pages to the Site started at $25
Bugs/Errors Fixing started at $25
Make Non-responsive Website Responsive started at $25
Plugin Installation/Development started at $25
Redesign of Existing Pages and Blocks started at $25
Cleaning the Site of Viruses, Installing Additional Protection to the Site started at $25
Site Hacking/Virus Prevention and Plugin Update started at $25
Website Optimization, Loading Speed Increase started at $25
Urgent Site Restoration, Search for the Causes of Errors and Site Failure started at $25

Integration of Third-party Services on the Site:

Linking payment systems (Paypal, billings etc) started at $25
SSL-certificate Registration and Installation started at $25
Online Customer Service Setup started at $25
Mail services (Mailchimp, FeedBurner, UniSender, SalesManago) started at $25
Google Analitics and Other Tracking Systems Setup started at $25
Set up uploads in Google Merchant started at $25
Recaptcha started at $25
About Site Support

“It’s harder to read code than to write it.” — Joel Spolsky

It is almost always difficult to support someone else’s code, as in large long-term projects everything is rarely documented additionally, and some decisions may not be obvious and in order to make changes you first need to understand the project structure and the logic, and only then you can make changes. At the same time, you need to make sure that everything else is not affected. And for this you need a certain level of qualification. 

The best strategy to start working with us and keep the site up to date is the following:

  • We conduct a full site audit: technical errors, design errors, SEO errors. As a result, you get a formalized list for each of the items listed and we are discussing with you what should be worked out.
  • Improving the site according to your wishes, correcting errors found, optimizing the site work speed and loading.
  • After that, when our experts are already well acquainted with the project, they can make a list of possible improvements and options for expanding the site, and help draw up a plan for the future development of the project. For example, offer additional ways to protect the site, add sections that will attract a large audience, configure backups and select the appropriate hosting, etc.
  • A monthly update of plugins and basic site audit to check for errors.
Top 5 FAQ
  • Of course, it is better to take care of security in advance, but in such a situation we will try to do our best. To get the job done, we need a username/password in the admin panel of the site, FTP access and/or access to the hosting. The most universal solution in this situation, using hosting, try to restore files and a database to the time when the site has not yet been hacked, but this is only possible if the hosting has backups of that time. That is why it is better to start acting as early as possible and you can not hesitate. If there are no backups or for some reason this is not possible, we can try to manually clear the files and database from malicious code
  • In order for us to make any changes to the site, we first of all need an access to the admin panel, FTP access (if the changes affect the code) and/or access to the hosting for more complex tasks.
  • We provide three types of audit: - Technical - search for errors on the site, whether all pages are displayed correctly, whether there are errors in the code and logic of the site when the site is working, testing the site work speed and loading; - Design - search for logical errors, display errors on various devices and browsers, analysis of the site structure; - SEO - search for duplicate URLs, search for links that give 4** and 5** errors, check meta-information on the site, etc. After each audit, a document is formed in which all the errors found are mentioned and ways of fixing them are proposed.
  • First, we must get familiar with the site and the changes that must be made, and after that we offer the best option. Most of the time we make a copy of the site, close it from being indexed by search engines and close it with a username/password so that no one can get on it except us and the client. We make all the changes on this copy, client approves, do a QA and after that transfer everything to the main site. However, this option is not always possible, since you have to make changes to the database, and at this time there could be orders accepted on the site or materials being published. In such cases, we draw up a plan that will be most suitable specifically for this site.
  • It all depends on the size of the site and primarily on the niche. We can update the whole site - by making a new site, with a new design, to which we transfer all the content from the old. A less radical way is to update graphic elements, make the site responsive if it has a static width and does not adapt to smartphone screens, analyze the menu structure and fix it, if necessary, and add additional functionality that matches the site's theme and users' request.
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