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About Us

About WebWorkshop

Webworkshop is a team of experienced developers, managers and QA specialists. We create optimal web solutions for businesses and individual clients alike. We use current development methodologies and popular frameworks. More than 35 experts follow the principles and standards laid out in the foundation of Webworkshop. Our goal is the layout and programming of targeted, informative and user-friendly websites that will promote online businesses in a profit-making manner.

Our statistics demonstrate our success:

successful years in the industry
completed projects
satisfied customers
supported projects

What Do We Offer?

Webworkshop professionals specialize in creating websites tailored for any project. To start working on your project, we only need a PSD layout and a lot of coffee.

Our services include:

  1. Turning PSD files into structured HTML5/CSS3;
  2. Integration of HTML templates in WordPress CMS and others;
  3. HTML coding of letters for e-mail distribution;
  4. HTML coding of adaptive banners;
  5. Technical support of existing projects.
We Work With Various Developer Tools:
Adobe XD
Woocomercy Woo Commerce

Webworkshop Values: What Matters to Us.

Clean and Tidy Code

Clean and Tidy Code

The professionalism of our specialists is demonstrated in every line of HTML markup, in every PHP function and in every script. The result is clean, semantic and easily maintained code, written according to the W3C, WordPress Coding Standards and PHP style guides. Contextually independent blocks of code are reusable within the project, and the code is executed in components and modules that can be reused.

Product Integrity and Quality

Product Integrity and Quality

Over the 12 years of our existence, as an outsourcing company, we have developed effective algorithms for controlling business processes. The intermediate results are analyzed at each stage, so in the end you get exactly what you ordered and not a pixel less!

Customer Responsibility and Reputation

Customer Responsibility and Reputation

We create the best solutions, optimizing them for the needs of the client. The task of each member in the Webworkshop team is to finish the job on time and in a quality manner, thereby ensuring high company standards and a trusting relationship with the customer.

Who Are Our Customers?

The Webworkshop team is open to working with private customers and large companies. Whether it’s a start-up or a large-scale project, we will fulfill our task responsibly and professionally!

Join the number of businesses whose sites are enjoyable to visit!
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Advantages of Working With Us:

Flexible Approach

We individually plan the work for each project according to the wishes of the client. HTML markup can either be written by using LESS/SASS preprocessors, the Bootstrap 4 framework or not. Our experts will help you find a cost-effective solution!

Process Transparency

Working with us will allow you complete access to your project. Webworkshop managers stay in touch with the client from the moment they accept the order until full deployment. Changes in the project during the development stage are made according to the agreement.


The Webworkshop team consists exclusively of experienced web developers who are able to make decisions independently. The choice of tools and technologies is part of their responsibilities within each project. Experts will always advise the best solution or discuss possible implementation options, specifying the advantages and disadvantages of each. As a result, you have a project that is easy to maintain and improve!


Competence is manifested not only in the quality of work, but also in meeting deadlines. Before starting each project, we adequately assess our capabilities and the complexity of the tasks, which allows us to guarantee task timelines. For urgent cases, we provide universal templates that allow you to deploy a full-fledged website in just a few hours / days.

Technical Support

You can count on our support with your project up to 30 days after its release, or for as long as you wish – depending on the agreement for technical support services. This saves time. It won’t be necessary to look for a one-time contractor to fix bugs or expand functionality. With our support team, your website will function more stable than a Swiss watch!

Cost Effectiveness

Webworkshop’s pricing policy is as follows: each client will get quality services within their budget. Everything is agreed upon in advance and any changes are made in consultation with the client! We strive to find solutions that give our clients a positive experience. That is why up to 90% of our clients return as customers.

We are committed to ensure that every promise is backed up by an action. Leave your contact details and you will receive a quick response!

How Are We Working?

Webworkshop’s goal is to provide the client with a cost-effective solution within the selected budget and time frame. Before starting the project, web developers conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client’s needs. This helps to set a high standard of quality and also form a long-term relationship of cooperating in the framework of future projects.


As soon as we get the source materials – page layouts in Figma, Photoshop, etc., – we review the files, coordinate all the details with the client, and then proceed to plan the tasks, the layout and CMS integration.

Emergency Maintenance and Support

At this stage, the project manager selects specialists, whose experience and skills match the level of complexity of the project. Professional front-end developers plan the HTML hierarchy and structure of CSS files, and select the optimal stack of technologies, libraries and frameworks necessary for the implementation of the user interface.

Great results spring from a well-planned process of work and a markup that is constant throughout the project, including attending to the smallest of details.


At this stage of converting a concept into code, Webworkshop specialists begin to systematically work on the project. Webmasters use advanced techniques to get the perfect layout, which is valid, cross-browser and adaptive for all devices.

Integration in CMS

Optionally, at the request of the client, the finished HTML template is integrated into the content management system. CMS is selected in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The typical solution is WordPress. This open source CMS allows the client to quickly publish either a personal blog, a landing page, or a full-fledged online store with a catalog of products. Our experts customize the administrator panel and other tools so that you can quickly and conveniently manage content on your site.


Successful work during this stage provides a high-quality result and ensures that the client gets exactly what was expected. When the developer completes the project, a QA specialist is selected. Cross-browser testing of the HTML template is carried out on various devices – wide screens, tablets and smartphones – and the functionality and performance (download speed) are analyzed. The specialist also analyzes SEO compatibility and W3C markup validity.

Preventive Maintenance
Transfer of the project to the client

A personal manager provides preview access so the client can make sure that they are getting what is requested. At this stage, changes are accepted as part of the specification and made at the request of the client.

The final version of the HTML template, optionally integrated into the CMS, is transmitted in ZIP format (archive with files) or via FTP to a server selected by the customer.

We Meet Deadlines, Even If Your Deadline was Yesterday

The Webworkshop team works seamlessly as a single mechanism, performing tasks sequentially and within agreed upon deadlines. At each stage of implementation, the client has the right to request the status of the project. The team will immediately respond to such requests.

Time is a valuable resource that can immediately be converted into a result. Leave your contact information and we will respond quickly!